01 April 2011


arini kemalasan dah sampai tahap roket..da tak leh selamat da...pagi tadi thought nk jumper ngan dia jab sbb nk discuss bout tmrow...mana tau skali dia tak nmpak me standing behind the car and he just drove off like that and waited for me at my block until he met with shida and asked for me. the mood suddenly changed to a new channel and already malas to entertain him. and the best part is, he didnt bring along his hp. so kewl!!!!! terus malas nk ckp ngan dia regarding tmrw.

last nite mama tny whether i have made up my mind and really wanna carry on with this... well, i think i have and my mind is stick for it. Ya Allah, tetapkanlah Imanku dan hatiku dan berkatilah pertalian ini Amin.

his brother is coming over tmrow with me working till late afternoon and mama wants me to come home early and now my mind is really a mess and full with twirlling and twirlling things...da macam nasi campur + abc....everything is mixed up.. HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kepada sesapa yang tumpang lalu kat dalam ni...tlg laa bagi kata2 semangat kat saya coz i'm really drowing with my own feeling and need a fren to talk to. (^_^")


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