24 August 2012


Salam Hari Raya to all !!! (hehehe...macam ada orang baca your post :P)  Well this year's raya mmg tak best sbb tak balik kg pun except for mama,an & kak ida's family. I was left behind because Iskandar need to work on the 3rd day of Raya and i need to stay with him.

Well, the first day of raya we just went to Kak Ida's house and lepak there till night. Mama went back on the second day so Iskandar and me just wondering around at MV (but so many people i tell you). The food court was closed and we decided to head to Summit since malas nak bersesak2 with so many people.

There was a exhibition for Mickey Mouse...so cute!

Went to Summit, have a lunch there at Mr Teppayanki. then bought ticket to watch The Expendables 2. Ok la the story. After movie, we went back to take rest for a while before decided to go out to Uptown Kota Damansara. With the help of "Uncle Garmin", we managed  to find the place walaupun sesat jugak laa a lil bit. Sadly, the place was closed (of coursed!). Then we decided to have our dinner at Mc'Donald Old Town. Sadly again, there's no water there so we just tapau and then went back home.

Iskandar went out again around 1.00am to send his frend to Puchong, but when i said i want to follow him, he just said no need, take a sleep. Waited for him until 3am (actually, i dozed off during the waiting time...but told him I waited for him all the time), he only came back at 3.30am.

The next day, we went to his friend's house at Kota Damansara and after a while, we went to Giant since it is big...So just jalan2 there. Came back and tapau our dinner from Curry House, and he left me alone to go to work.So sad .... :(

That night, i cooked for him baked potatoes and for breakfast, nasi goreng ayam and a cup of Mile but that beloved husband of mine visited his cousin Ami and ate so many of the raya cookies until full and then can call me and tell me that the nasi goreng is not finished becaused he is so full. Some more, his mom kirim him Nasi Kuning and we ate is for dinner that night.

Yesterday, no breakfast and i just brought to office the raya cookies for myself.

Last night, i tried to cooked his Nasi Kuning with Telur Bambulu (i think) and have it as my lunch today. I asked him wat does he think about my Nasi Kuning and he said "Sedap jugak".... Kembang sekejab.... Hehehehehehe.... Suami puji, mane tak kembang!!!

Well, that's the end of my Raya activity which was sad (because cannot balik kg) and fun at the same time (because 1st time sambut raya as isteri orang)...... Muah muah to all !!!!

~ The End ~