25 January 2011

My Day...

Well today me and a few frens is going to have some fun... We are heading to AYAM PENYET RESTAURANT in front of Sunway Piramid there as per their word, to celebrate my Birthday...so sweet!!! And we are going there sharp at 530pm no matter what. This year my best present would be, of course the SAMSUNG GALAXY which is from my mom and lil'bro,and not forgetting my sister who gave me a very and lovely blouse. And the most important is, its from my long long fren who gave me sumting that i wont forget and wont be able to say it loud here.Only me and PIC knows what is it. Hehehehehe :)

Life's now is so different since staying with the family. No more night life @ what i always said to my frens, "Kupu-Kupu Malam" but dont get me wrong k? But maybe its good since i always have something to get whenever i go back. :P

Sometimes we do let our feeling hurt just to make sure that other people stays happy...but one big question pops out. Do other people care bout our feeling?? Hmmm...sumting to think about i guess....

Good Day!
(i wonder who will be reading my post...hehehehehe :D)