06 July 2011

EP : 4

ISO Training - Day 2. And down with Migrain. Damn! Why must all of this thing come today?? Really cannot concentrate.

05 July 2011

EP : 3

today is in the ISO Trainning 9-5. Nw doing daily work for this end month 2 major event for the Company - Blood Donation Drive & Network Conference 2011. So damn tired !!!!!

04 July 2011

EP: 2

Arini kuar g gantung Banner for Blood Donation. Penot siot....Ngantok! Bye! It's Monday Blues!!!

01 July 2011


Hye...from now onwards, the title for the rest of the blog is going to be by EP..nice kan?

k la...tgh bz but most importantly...tesion tahap gaban.bye!