31 March 2011

Thursday Blues....

arini cam malas jer nk keje...tapi still kene keje gak....letih sgt this 2 weeks...non stop working, travelling,working,travelling...adui....da la dengan sakit pinggang ni yang tak mau reda2....kan best if cuti sepanjang taun but then gaji still masyuk jer..(yeah..dream on!)...

so, managed to get the final conclusion bout me and him...and it is confirmed - 11.11.11 will be our "special day"...hehehehe..nobody knows about this and hopefully it can remain like this... just 2 of my gal best frens knew and they were so happy bout it. and even i cannot believed it myself that finally i have found somebody that i can share my life with. kalau cerita on how we met mmg tak leh blah nyer citer...klaka dowh!!! sumpah i nvr thought this is how the ending would be.... how did we end up like this?? it will be in  the  next chapter....supprised!!!!


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