14 December 2011


Hello...well, let me see where i left...Hmmmm.....oh yes, the boss is not in (holiday) so the work stress is lesser since the Asst.Mgr is taking the part (in his dream) of becoming the boss. He can just divided his work to all of us then what he did was looking at the stock market for half a day. Then went out lunch at 11.50am but came in at 1.40pm (we managed to catch a glimpse of him walking around PJ state when we were coming back from lunch, Today, he can even go out (with the reason to stamping) from 9.00am until 2.00pm. How kewl is that? Totally taking advantage of the situation (boss not around). All of us are so annoyed with him so we decided to not pay attention to him when he talked to us. I knw its not good to treat people like that but he is so over the line already. All he knw is segregating his job where twds the end, his not doing anything at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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