04 April 2011


well, as macam i wrote down before, he was supposed to come to my house with his brother on Saturday, and he did came but at 730 pm instead the 500pm initial schedule. eventhough i fell like killing him on the spot but since they is so many people that can be my witnesses, i just keep it to myself. the brother and sister-in-law is so nice even their 3 kids is nice too. and the evening went smoothly eventhough me and him is having our "konfrantasi laut china selatan"or is it lautan hindi? hmmm,kompius sudah.

then yesterday me and mama went to my sis house in damansara damai for yesterday's event updated to  them. then suddenly out of the blue my sis and my brother-in-law wanted to see him and they asked me to call him to come to their house. what a day! but alhamdullilah he said ok and i went back to fetch him at dato harun and patah balik to damai. and the meeting ok jerk...abg ngah as usual will be the headman on the conversation and he asked him is this the final conclusion and he confidently said yes,cop,dijamin halal! byk la..ingat iklan kolgate ker sayang?

he managed to blend in smoothly and both my sis and abg ngah seems pleased with him. masa nk balik salam ngan kak ida ngan abg ngah sempat tny approval lagi, kak ida said approved but abg ngah said tgk laa dulu camana..hampeh tol! but i knw deep down they approved him for me. went back with his car. and mama just keep quite all the way.. wonder why??

then masa sampai umah, kuar balik ngan dia sbb nk g bayar duit kete and we did do some talking at mc'donalds old town. and one funny part is, we keep on staring at each other as if we still cannot belived that this is all real!!!! saper sangka. mama disapproved before this suddenly said ok, and he met wit mama,then my sis and abg ngah and now we are planning for our engagement and even our wedding day!!! so unbeliveable. but alhamdulliah....harap2 jodoh kami diberkati Allah dan sehingga akhir hayat kami. i love you so much sayang and i hope you love me so much also...walaupun lnda tahu is memang sayang kat lnda...muahhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!

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