05 February 2011


Today i need to work where everybody is spending their long holiday...how nice it that???? bosan kot keje arini...nasib bek ada kawan ..klo sorang2 mau mati kutu eventhough ada keje nk kene wat..jab lagi la.. Well nak citer aper yek?? Hmmmmm....kelmarin ngan semalam mmg lepak kt umah je..Bosan kot!!!!! Tapi nk wat camner...itu je yg permitted to be done. Gaduh ngan that person bcoz of our current situation and poor that person....Mesti dia tensen with all of this now. Nak kuar pun tak boleh...asik kene curfew jek....sampai dia pun da naik boring ....what else can be said and done except I Am Truly Am Sorry for everything,,, Rasa bersalah lak wat dia camtu.... Only time can tell what and when things will go based on my plan...Sakit dol!!!!

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