16 February 2011


Hujan lebat sangat nie....camne nk balik??? mesti jalan jem...encek kacak mesti basah lencun, da la bulu mata dia tak berapa nk tebal da....kene wat extension balik...hmmm...tak per laa...nnt i'll spend some money for you k hunny??

Supposingly 2morow kn g outstation (pergh,da dkt 5 taun kene kat sini, this is the 1st time ever they sent me to do out the office work) yer la, dulu kat dept.kira2, skng kat dept lain, mmg la diawang tak kan hntr kuar pny. Ada ker orang yang jaga $ syarikat nk pegi jalan2 kat tempat lain kot? (^_^)

Smlm we had a belated birthday celebration for Amirah Farhanah (my sis's 2nd daughter) at Damansara Damai.Actually her birthday is on 14 Feb (Valentine's Baby) but since all of us are working so we decided to have it yesterday. We had spagetti, shepperds pie and baked macaroni + black forest cheese cake.. Yumyum....so like it! (^_^)

This week, the newly form group(consisting of 8 of us) were supposed to have a birthday celeb. for 2 of the group members at PD..but i think they've changed it to next week, but my mama won't allow me to go so far away for that.... nk ikut......... (*o*)

Need to go and move my car first..i'll continue later k? Daaaa...

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