10 December 2010


Yippieeee!!! Mama is coming back today frm Mekah...After 1month++ just listening to hear her voice thro the phone everyday, today (well she'll arrive tmrw early morning around 0225hrs),can see her in person. Everybody is excited of fetching her from KLIA and we are having a convoy there in 2 @ 3 cars. I knw that she'd pray for me to find a new job and everything and i hope it will come true then.

Life in the office is so..well,,let me put it this way,MISERABLE! But a motivation to myself, 'Be thankfull,coz at least you do have a job and you are earning your own money on your hard work. If you think you are having a tortured life here, who knows,there is a silver lining ahead of you'. YES! Be motivated Lnda coz you knw you are strong and you can do it.. But, am i that strong? Can i do it? Well, only you and you alone can answer it dear.

Sometime, it hard to pleased ourself and other people. I had a fren who has everything that a man could wanted but still not satisfied with it. Big family, big money but still not enuf. Why can such things happened? Only the person in that shoes knws. 

Hehehhheee...i dont knw why i am so into writing mood today. Maybe becoz i just want the time to fly so fast and i can go home straight after work and then fetch Mama. Or is it maybe i just want  to share with somebody about me and there's no one to listen. So writing it down could be the best solution ever. Besides, there's no hurting of typing a few sentences,right?

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