14 December 2010


Well yesterday i took my leave so me and mama went to Maxis at Sunway Pyramid to take her replacement card since she lost her phone on the flight back from Jedddah. Then we ate the Ice Monster - Mix Fruit , yummiee.... Then we went to The Summit as mama wanted to have a taste of Ayam Penyet which she said the taste is s0 -so... Then we went back to my sis place, where unfortunately i have taken the wrong route which diverted me to Bukit Jalil, then Sg,Besi. then i dun knw where, Tried to call abang a few times for direction but no avail. I just then follow the signboard which stated Jalan Klang Lama and finally i managed to find the correct way back to Sg Buloh! Nasib baik mama is still high coz of the Flu tablet that she took in the afternoon so she just slept during my sesat time...Hehehehhehehehe......

I was supposed to have an interview tomorrow but since i was alrdy on leave ystrday, i declined the offer saying that i am out of town.

Today when started working, the mood is not there. Hmmm...this means only one thing and one thing that shall be is, LOOKING FOR A NEW JOB! Being doing that since ...well, let me see,,, for the past 4 yrs alrdy but still no luck. Maybe this 2011 will bring me a new luck and a new hope.

Mama still objects bout me and my fren...don knw why and for how long more... Its been what, 4 yrs alrdy,and we are still counting but poor thing.Feels like i'm playing with that person's heart for soo long with no kata putus... and it is so hard to let that person go bcoz we are so into what we are having rite now... Well maybe time will tell.....

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